Ultimate Guide for Saving Money in the New Year

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Good resolutions belong to the turn of the year like new calendars. In addition to the classic “more sports” and “less weight”, many also plan to save on the budget. With a few tricks, you can save expenses and money at many ends of the household.

How to save electricity and water in the household

Electricity prices are tearing a hole in the household budget. That is why every kilowatt-hour saved is valuable. The refrigerator is the main power hog in the kitchen. Under certain circumstances, it consumes a quarter of the total electricity in a household. The consumption of energy-saving refrigerators is only 50 percent of older devices. 

A guideline: 100 liters are sufficient for one or two people, 50 liters more for each additional person. Incidentally, defrosting the freezer compartment also brings a lot.

A saving showerhead can reduce water consumption in the bathroom by 50 percent. Washing clothes at cooler temperatures, i.e. at around 30 instead of 60 degrees, saves money. If less water is heated, it also saves heating costs.

Electricity and thus money guzzlers are also hot water storage tanks. Using a timer makes sense. Older water heaters should be replaced with new ones. The electricity savings are then around 20 percent. In the office, laptops use less energy than PCs.

Save money in the household: heat properly and use thermostats

Lowering the room temperature by one degree affects the climate and your wallet. This means you can avoid up to 260 kilograms of CO2 a year. In a 110 square meter detached house with gas heating, around 75 euros could be saved per year if the temperature was lowered by one degree. The Federal Environment Agency recommends a temperature of 20 to 22 degrees in living rooms, 18 degrees in the kitchen, and 17 to 18 degrees in the bedroom.

Programmable thermostats improve efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions by an average of 430 kilograms per year. In a single-family house with 110 square meters and twelve radiators, this could save 125 euros a year if 15-year-old thermostatic valves were replaced. Venting radiators also lead to better heating. In a rented apartment, this measure could reduce heating costs by up to 30 euros.

Tips for saving money: Compare mobile phone contracts and offers

Anyone who thinks they are paying too much for their mobile phone has recently found it easier to compare them with other offers. Since December 1st, suppliers have had to put product information sheets online. Often only the current conditions can be found on the websites, the old ones are stored in archives that have to be searched for first. However, many customers have such old contracts.

There are now portals that – regardless of the provider – have created extensive collections of product information sheets. This makes the search and the subsequent comparison much easier.

Insurances? Great way to save money!

The Association of Insureds calls four types of insurance dispensable: death benefit insurance, passenger accident insurance, “cell phone” and “smartphone” insurance, and glass breakage insurance. The death benefit insurance is a money-sapping capital life insurance. If you take out a long term, you often end up paying more than the bereaved can get out.

Passenger accident insurance is unnecessary because you have your own motor vehicle liability insurance if you cause an accident and fellow passengers are injured. Mobile phone insurance is not worthwhile because only the current value of the mobile phone is compensated and a deductible is often due. Broken glass is often not very expensive to repair. That is why hardly anyone needs expensive glass breakage insurance – unless you have a winter garden or very expensive special glazing in your house.

Create space in the household: donate or dispose of unnecessary items

Space for Christmas presents could be the motto to rid household and wardrobe of superfluous things. But many find it difficult to decide between reselling, donating, or throwing away. Everything that you would pass on to relatives or family members is suitable as support for charitable purposes.

Clothing donations are an important pillar of charitable work because the proceeds from the sale go to people in need and to social projects. Before selling on portals such as eBay, Momox, or Vinted, however, you should consider the cost and income. Cheap mass-produced goods are often not worth the effort and cannot find a buyer.


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