How to hang a garland around your front door


Decorating your front door with a garland will show your guests that you’re in the holiday spirit and add simple yet festive beauty to your home. Garlands come in all shapes and styles to suit every season and holiday, but we have a special tradition at Christmas. Garlands can be attached with or without nails and tools, making it easy for anyone to decorate their home with a simple, natural arrangement and with little work.

Attach a garland using nails and tools

Drive a nail every 12 inches around the outside of the door frame.

Depending on the thickness of the door frame, use nails that are an inch to two inches long to make sure they don’t stick out the other side. Drive the nails about 1 foot (30 cm) apart around the outside of the door frame, around the door, or even just in a circle around the center of the door. Drive the nails only halfway into the wood so you can attach the garland to them later. Make sure the nails have broad heads so the garland doesn’t slip and fall. Place the nails in the groove of the door at an angle so you don’t see the holes after removing the nails. If you drive the nails straight into the flat side of the door or door frame, they’ll be visible to the naked eye later.

Poke the nails into the mortar between the rocks or bricks around your door for a hidden option.

If your front door is surrounded by stone or masonry, consider attaching the garland around the door frame by driving the nails into the grout or grout about 12 inches apart. You’ll sometimes have to drill the holes to hold the nails in place. This will keep the damage to your front door low and the nail holes won’t be as noticeable. While holes in the wood of the door or frame are very difficult to patch, you can plug holes in the masonry with a fresh coat of mortar.

Wrap wire around the garland so you can attach it to the nails.

Wrap fishing line, gift ribbon, wire, or thin twine around your garland, leaving a slack at the top or center. You will be hanging the garland from this loose piece of string. Therefore, make sure that it is in the middle or at the top so that the garland later hangs symmetrically. Ribbon or fishing line is preferable to a thin line, as the latter can weather over time. However, this would also add a rustic flair to the garland.

Hang the garland by the nails and make sure it’s held securely.

Wrap the string or wire around each nail head and make sure the garland stays in place by opening and closing the door a few times. Your garland will frame your door as you attach the nails to the door frame. It will look centered if you lined up the nails around the center of the door.

Attach a garland without damaging it

Use adhesive hooks to hang the garland without leaving any marks.

Place the self-adhesive hooks around the door frame about 30 cm apart. Wrap the garland with twine or wire and wait a few minutes for the adhesive to bond to the doorframe before hanging the garland from the twine. The hooks can be easily detached from the door frame as soon as you want to remove the decoration and the garland itself hides them. Alternatively, you can place just three or four hooks 12 inches apart above the door so the garland frames the door. However, without the hooks on the side of the door frame, the garland could get stuck in the door.

For a reusable option, attach a special rod to hang the garland over the door.

This particular bar is similar to a home pull-up bar, the length of which can be adjusted to the size of the door. Adjust its length to your door so that it can be stretched between the door frames and hang the garland over its hook in the middle. This hanging bar should only be used on doors that have a deep door frame so that it does not connect directly to the door. Also, do not attach the bar to the side of the door that it opens to, or the bar will block it.

Attach an adhesive hook to the back of the door, upside down.

Instead of attaching the adhesive hooks to the outside of the door, attach them as high up on the inside as possible. Then tie a string to the hook and run it over the door to the outside. Attach the garland to this string so that it decorates your front door without showing a hook anywhere! This is especially useful if your garland would not cover the adhesive hooks. In addition, this is also an economical method, since you only need one adhesive hook and therefore do not have to spend a lot on the accessories.

Decorate the garland

Wrap the garland with a string of lights.

The holiday season is made for garlands and while they are beautiful in their own right, you can add a string of lights to them to make them stand out and brighten up the evening hours! Simply wrap the string of lights around the entire garland and secure to your front door using the method of your choice. Battery-operated string lights are ideal as you don’t have to plug them in anywhere to make them glow. For garlands made from natural materials, it is best to use low-power string lights to minimize the risk of fire. If you want to use very bright bulbs that get hot quickly, opt for artificial garlands as they don’t heat up as quickly.

Attach matching ornaments like fake flowers and baubles to the garland.

Artificial flowers and Christmas baubles bring your garland to life with their color and variety. Use flowers that match the season: poinsettia and holly are wonderful for winter; Roses and colorful leaves reflect autumn. You can also decorate the garland with Christmas baubles to make it look like you have a Christmas tree hanging on your door! It doesn’t matter what flowers you decorate your garland with, as long as they match the season and look beautiful!

Spray the garland with fake snow in winter to spread the Christmas spirit.

Everyone wishes for a white Christmas, but when the snow doesn’t come, you can bring that hope to your garland and home with spray-on fake snow. You should be able to find spray snow at most department and hardware stores in the Christmas section. If it’s snowed in your area, you can decorate your garland with real snow instead to make it look even more natural.

Decorate the center of the garland with a seasonal wreath.

Garlands are perfect for framing a wreath. Tie a garland around the door frame and hang a wreath in the center of your front door. This natural combination will impress your guests and add classic beauty to your decor. A particularly thick garland may not have room for a wreath in the center. Use a thin garland to frame the door so it doesn’t distract from the center wreath.

Put a seasonally decorated table by your front door.

Decorate a small side table right next to your front door with bowls of fruit, figurines (such as a nativity scene) and other seasonal little things that will make your entryway even more special. If you’re feeling extra generous, consider adding small gifts and wrapped treats for your guests to welcome them and spread the holiday message of sharing to all your guests. Wrap garlands around chair legs as well as a counterpart to the garland around your front door. For example, wrapped toys for children and wrapped Christmas sweets are good for the winter. In autumn, on the other hand, a bowl of fruit and pumpkins reflect the mood of the harvest festival. In spring and summer, you can decorate your entrance with a seasonal flower arrangement.


One benefit of nails is that you can garland your front door all year round without any extra effort. With the non-harmful methods, you have to reattach the adhesive hooks to hang a garland over and over again. However, you can leave your nails in place all year round.


If you’re renting, you might want to go the nail-free method when hanging a garland outdoors. Your holiday cheer could be spoiled if your landlord asks you to pay for the damage caused.


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