How to cure the Evil Eye

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The evil eye is a popular belief that one can intentionally or unintentionally bring sickness and shame on another person by looking at them. This is usually caused by envy. In some cultures, faith centers on children. One can inadvertently give a child the evil eye by complimenting them, as they attract negative energy. If you think you or your child suffers from the evil eye, you can use the following methods. They help diagnose and heal him.

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Diagnosing the Evil Eye

Note the symptoms.

The negative energy of an envious person can cause physical symptoms unrelated to an illness, such as weakness, eye infections, upset stomach, fever, and nausea. Also, the affected person is likely to have personal, family or work problems for no apparent reason.

Follow the charcoal method.

This method is practiced in Eastern Europe. Just drop a piece of coal into a pot of water. You can also use the head of a match that has been burned down. Sinking is a good sign, while swimming means a person or child is affected. Usually, a parent or a healer performs these rituals if the sufferer is a child. If not, the sufferer can perform them themselves.

Try the wax method.

Another method is to drip hot wax into holy water. Watch how the wax reacts. If it splatters, it means you or the child you are testing has the evil eye. The same applies if it sticks to the side. This method is used by the people of Ukraine.

Try the oil method.

In this method, the person diagnosing the condition drips oil into the water. If it forms an eye, the child is assumed to have an evil eye. Another method is to pour oil over a lock of the affected person’s hair in a glass of water (preferably holy water). If the oil goes down, the person has an evil eye. Special prayers are said alternately until the oil no longer forms an eye to heal him. The person dripping the oil prays for the evil eye to leave the person. Some suggest that there are special prayers for this process that you can learn from a healer.

Cure the Evil Eye

Try the touch method.

The easiest way to cure the evil eye, according to some, is to have the person who caused the evil eye touch the child. Since the evil eye is usually unintentional, the person should have no problem simply touching the child. It doesn’t matter where the child is touched. One hand or forehead should suffice. This belief is prevalent in Hispanic cultures. The evil eye is supposedly (sometimes) caused by a person complimenting a child without touching them.

Use an egg.

In Mexico and Latin American countries, some parents use an egg. You pass the egg over the child’s body. Prayer is usually said, such as the Our Father. Then the egg is placed in a bowl under the pillow. You leave it there during the night and check in the morning to see if the egg white is foggy. If so, the child was affected by the evil eye. This method also cures the evil eye at the same time.

Try hand gestures.

Some say that making certain gestures with your hand can ward off or cure the evil eye. One gesture is the mano cornuto, which is simply a fist with the index finger and little finger extended (horned hand). Point your hand down when making this gesture. Another is the mano fico, where you put your thumb in a fist between your index and middle fingers (fig hand). Some Italians carry around a small red horn by wearing it or by having it on a chain. The horn is carried instead of making the horned hand sign.

Find a six-sided mirror.

One method said to cure the evil eye is to use a mirror to reflect evil energy. This method is used in China. You simply hang the mirror in front of a window or on the front door. Some people in India also use mirrors to heal or ward off the evil eye. However, instead of placing it in the home, small mirrors are sewn into clothing or worn on the body.

Train a healer.

Folk healers often offer cures for the evil eye. If you don’t feel comfortable healing the evil eye yourself, you can try a healer to perform the rituals for you.

Prevent the evil eye

Use a pink coral bracelet.

Some suggest that putting this pink coral bracelet on your child will help protect against the evil eye. Others suggest that having the child carry a horse chestnut has the same effect.

Wear a red cord.

In Jewish cultures, parents use a red string to ward off the evil eye. For example, it is sometimes tied around a crib bar or to the handle of the stroller.

Make the baby wear a jet amulet.

In some Hispanic cultures, babies wear a black jet amulet. It is often shaped like a small fist. You may see it paired with red and black beads on a gold chain.

Use the spit method.

If someone compliments your child, you can try spitting over your left shoulder three times and then knocking on wood (or your own head) three times. This method is mostly used in Russia.

Sprinkle salt.

A Sicilian method of protection is to sprinkle salt on the ground inside the front door or outside the house. The salt (with its countless grains) is said to confuse evil magicians. Another method Sicilians use is the urine method, in which everyone in the house urinates into a bucket. Then the urine is spilled in front of the house.

Try an Eye Talisman.

Many cultures use eye charms to protect against the evil eye. For example, you can wear one on a necklace or use one as a keychain. In Turkey, these small talismans are made from blue glass, but other cultures make them from other materials.


Consult older relatives if you are unsure how to cure the evil eye. In many families, this knowledge is passed on from one generation to the next. Be careful not to become a victim of a scam if you decide to go to a healer, witch, or shaman. Ask your friends for recommendations on who to go to.


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