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Maybe you have the reputation of a budding computer genius, or you want people to believe you already are. Hacking computers requires knowledge of computer systems, network security, and programming, so when people see something they think is “hacking,” they’re very impressed. You don’t have to do anything illegal for people to think you’re hacking. Simple terminal commands or tinkering together a BAT file that overflows with characters in the browser window like in the film “Matrix” will amaze your viewers.

With the command line

Open the “Run” function on your computer.

To do this, click on the Start menu and find the appropriate function there, or search for “Run” on your computer and find it that way. Windows users can also open Run with a two-key shortcut: ⊞ Win + R .

Open the command line.

To do this, type “cmd” into the search bar of the Run window. This opens the command line, sometimes called the command prompt. This is a text-based way to communicate with your computer. Apple users can open the terminal for the command line. This is the Mac version of the command line. To do this, go to Spotlight or search for “terminal” on your computer.

Using the command line or terminal, pretend to hack.

There are many commands you can enter here, e.g. B. query data. While the following commands look impressive, they won’t harm your software, nor are they illegal. Windows users could try typing the following commands, pressing ↵ Enter after each one. Type the commands in quick succession to make the whole thing look even more complex: color a This changes the font color of the text on the command line from white to green on a black background. Replace the letter after “color” with a number from 0 through 9 or the letters A through F to change the font color on the command line. dir ipconfig tree ping google.com The ping command checks whether devices can communicate with each other over a network (but the average person doesn’t know that). Google is used as an example here, but you can use any site. If you have a Mac, you can use the following safe commands to fill your screen with what looks like professional hacking. To do this, enter the following commands in the terminal: top ps -fea ls -ltra

Switch between commands and windows.

You can open up a few command lines or terminals and use different commands to make it appear like you’re running multiple, highly complicated processes at the same time.

Create a BAT file in Windows

Open Notepad.

Creating a BAT file requires you to write plain text in a text editor and save it so your computer can read that text as executable commands. You can use Notepad or any other simple text editor for this.

Write the processes for your bat file in Notepad.

The following text will open a window with green font and the title “Hack Window”. To change the title, you can change the entry after “title” in your file in Notepad to whatever you like. The text “@echo off” hides the command line, while “tree” displays a directory tree and makes hacking seem more realistic. The last line of text pings Google’s server, which isn’t illegal but looks like hacking to the untrained eye. In the blank document in Notepad, enter the following text: color a title HACK WINDOW @echo off tree ping www.google.com -t

Save the document as a .bat file.

When saving the file you will need to select “Save As”. In the dialog box that opens, name your file and make the name end with “.bat”. This turns your text file into a batch file. Batch files contain text that gives a series of commands to your computer’s operating system. This may not work on Windows Vista. You may get an error message that saving a file with the .bat extension will remove all formatting. Click Yes to complete the file.

Run the .bat file.

Double-click the .bat file in its folder to open a window that practically looks like you’re running complex computer processes like a hacker.

With websites

Open your browser.

Some websites are designed solely to mimic complex computer functions. Some of them are used for effects in movies or videos, or by users like you!

Check out hackertyper.net.

This website generates hacker-like text at a rate that will surely shock those who watch it. One problem with using this site to fool your friends is that it generates hacker-like code too quickly, which can ruin the effect.

Open a separate browser window and go to guihacker.com.

Leave the window open on the side that shows the typical hacker visuals: rows of numbers, rapidly changing displays, continuous sine waves. If you have this running in the background, you could claim “I’m just compiling some data I got from a friend’s server to see if there are any bugs in the code. It needs to run for a few hours.”. “I run analytical programs in the background so I can see in real-time how my processor is dealing with the increased temperature from overclocking.”

Connect to geektyper.com hack simulator.

This site uses perhaps the most realistic hack simulator. On the site’s homepage, choose a theme, then start typing hacker-style text. You can even click on folders to run elaborate, albeit fake, processes. Switch between hacker texts generated by keystrokes and the fake processes that you can activate by clicking on folders that appear in your browser window after choosing a theme.

Open these different pages in separate windows.

Each of these sites looks slightly different and generates different styles of fake code or hacked text. You can quickly switch between the open windows by pressing Alt and scrolling through the options with Tab ↹. For better effect, type a few characters in each window before switching to a new window again with Alt + Tab ↹. Try different arrangements of open windows. You can also leave a few open in the background to make it look like you’re a king-size hacker.

Final Words

If you can write scripts in batch files, now you can take it to the next level. You can use it to impress your friends! Some adults might think you’re really hacking, so be careful and don’t get in trouble. People who are familiar with computer systems and code will be able to figure out very quickly whether you are actually doing something or just putting on a show. Choose your audience wisely. Be careful when using the command line. You may accidentally enter an executable command that corrupts an important file on your computer, which could have dire consequences.



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